Weekly Summary 3

This week had a big emphasis on writing. I am not the biggest fan of writing because if were being honest I get nervous that it’s not good enough or its really embarrassing. Not only that, but I wouldn’t classify writing as one of my strong suits. So, this week I was kinda nervous that… Continue reading Weekly Summary 3

The Life of Lindsay Cooper

Lindsay Cooper is saving the bay one oyster at a time. She graduated from the University of Mary Washington in 2022. Cooper majored in Geography and pursued a double minor in Environmental Sustainability and Urban studies. Lindsay had a passion for environmental conservation and had previous experience volunteering with nonprofits such as T.O.G.A. (Tidewater Oyster… Continue reading The Life of Lindsay Cooper

Weekly Summary 2

This week was a really fun week. I looked forward to doing the daily creates each day and looking through the assignment bank to figure out which ones I wanted to try. I think this week was productive. I was trying out new ways of creating media which was exciting because I found myself becoming… Continue reading Weekly Summary 2


I saw the VOGUE challenge in the assignment bank and IMMEDIATELY knew exactly what photo I wanted to use. I couldn’t not use my dog I mean come on, LOOK AT HER. She quite literally is a model and obviously models this gorgeous deserve to be on the cover. LIKE COME ON NOW. I was… Continue reading VOGUE