Weekly Summary 1

Leading up to this week I was kinda nervous because I am not the most tech savvy person. And looking through all of the assignments for the week was kinda a lot at a glance. As I actually started to work my way through setting things up I got overwhelmed but that was because I thought I had to be a pro right off the back. I told myself I needed to take some time and mess around until I got somewhat comfortable with word press because I knew that it was something I needed to do for myself in order to help me succeed in this course. Although I was nervous I don’t necessarily think it was in a bad way, I think I was also nervous because I was excited about this course as well. So this week I spent a lot of time trying to get myself comfortable with wordpress, using other media and etc. I think this was extremely beneficial for me!

This week I learned that I stress myself out wayyyy tooo much when it comes to technology. It is in fact definitely a lot harder to use when you keep telling yourself you’re not good at it. Learning how to set up and use word press was the hardest of the assignments this week but it became easier as the week went on when making multiple posts. BUT it did in fact drive me CRAZY. WordPress and I still have issues tbh. Im still annoyed. Something I did enjoy was making posts and talking about our assignments and writing them up. I was happy to put my own spin on things (which is great). Creating introductions were also really fun as well. I think my least favorite one was my youtube intro video. I don’t know why but I am not the biggest fan of youtube. maybe that will change maybe it wont who knows, only time will tell. I think after this week I am excited for the future. I think this course is gonna allow me to become more creative with media I have been afraid to try and use, and become more comfortable in doing so.

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